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Thank you for keeping us up-to-date
on your group and meeting information!

On this page, you’ll find downloadable PDF forms
to complete and submit.

(To use, download the free Adobe PDF Reader)

The table below will help you choose which form to use.

You may also contact NY Inter-Group directly by email (
or by calling (212) 647-1680 and asking for a staff member.
We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

If you want to:

Then use this form:

Add a meeting
or change an existing meeting

Use this form if you want to add an additional meeting to an existing group, or update meeting information like day, time, officers, etc.


Add-Change-Verify Meeting Form


Start a new group

Has your group received the New Group Information Packet and reviewed the New Group Requirements? If not, please request one by calling or emailing us using the information below.


New Group Request Form


Report a discontinued meeting

Use this form for permanent closures only. Once the information has been verified by the Group Relations Chairperson, the meeting will be removed from the New York Inter-Group website and the subsequent publishing of our Meeting Book.


Discontinued Meeting or Group Form


1. Click the correct form link above to open or download the form.
2. Print the form.
3. Complete the form.
4. Return the completed form:


By Fax:(212) 647-1648

By Mail: New York Inter-Group
307 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001-6007


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