Group Relations

Group Relations

The NYIG Group Relations Committee is responsible for keeping the Meeting List and 12th Step Contact information current for meeting’s and group’s listed with NYIG, and for oversight and publication of soberNEWS, NYIG’s quarterly newsletter.

Accurate meeting, group and 12th Step Contact information is potentially lifesaving for the person coming to their first A.A. meeting, and essential to assuring that A.A. members visitors from out of town, or people looking to learn about A.A. at an open meeting, find a meeting when and where it should be. Volunteers are needed to help the Group Relations Committee confirm meeting update information when it is received by NYIG, especially updates regarding discontinued meetings, and get updated group 12th Step Contacts and NYIG Delegate information. In addition to the necessary benefits this service has for the fellowship, this service is great way to add a bit of diversity to ones regular meeting schedule right in one’s own neighborhood, or maybe take an A.A. adventure and head to a meeting in a borough off the beaten path for pair of sober buddies! It is a great way to explore the city while making a practical difference for NYIG and the A.A. Fellowship in New York City.

Become a Group Relations Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a Group Relations Volunteer, please visit the Get Involved page or complete and email an A.A. Member Volunteer Signup Form to or mail it to the N.Y. Inter-Group office.


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