Public Information

The NYIG Public Information (P.I.) Committee furnishes speakers for outside organizations such as clubs, educational programs, including radio and T.V. programs, universities, churches, doctors, the police academy and many other outside organizations who call us requesting speakers because they are interested in the work of A.A.

P.I. Volunteers explain the activities and functions of the Intergroup Office and A.A. as a whole. The P.I. Committee is chaired by a member of the Steering Committee who works in close cooperation with A.A. World Services, handling local public information needs as distinguished from World Services’ wider and more general field, and cooperating on many projects of mutual interest, such as Special Public Meetings, Workshops and radio and TV documentaries. The Public Information Service Activity Chart, also available in Spanish, describes how NYIG works with the other A.A. service entities to assure the public is accurately informed about what A.A. is and does.

Become a Public Information Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a P.I. Volunteer, please complete and submit a P.I. Volunteer Signup Form (also available in Spanish). There is an Orientation for Public Information Volunteers to prepare them for this service, and to assure they understand what distinguishes a Public Information Presentation from an A.A. talk, provide accurate information regarding what A.A. is and does, as well as give them AA approved literature and information on open A.A. meetings for distribution to their audience. The Public Information Presentation as well as P.I. Volunteer’s Do’s and Don’ts are available for download.

Public Information Service Activity Chart

Public Information Volunteer Orientation 

Public Information Presentation Outline

PI Volunteers Do’s and Dont’s