How can I access the New York Intergroup Sponsored Zoom Account

New York Inter-Group is offering all groups & meetings the ability to be hosted by our Organizations’ Enterprise Zoom account, in which we can provide 500 meeting spaces per hour with up to 500 or 1,000 participants per meeting, with no time limit, free of charge.

This is an initiative we feel is imperative to provide our fellowship with during this difficult time. We will launch our NYIG Sponsored Zoom Account on Monday, March 23, 2020.

I’m just a member. How can I access these meetings?

  • All groups will be listed on our soon to be reformatted Remote Meeting page. All you’ll have to do is click on the Zoom link, or dial in by telephone, for the meeting you’d like to join. Each group will also have the ability to upload their meeting format, or any other information they’d like to provide on their own zoom page, such as 7th tradition options for your own group.

Our group already set up a Zoom account. How can we switch over?

  • If your group has already launched a free, (or paid) Zoom account, you can switch over to our account free of charge, and cancel your group’s personal Zoom account so you can be hosted by ours.

  • Each group or meeting will need a Zoom Admin to be added as a user to our account. If you have already signed up to be added to the NYIG Sponsored Zoom Account, we will contact the person who filled out the form for information regarding who you’d like that user to be. Your group will then be able to start your meeting at its regular date and time(s).

Can we keep our current Meeting ID if we switch over to your Zoom account?

What does it mean that NYIG will host my group / meeting?

  • We will not be involved in your group’s meeting(s) in any way, other than to provide the technology, free of charge. Your meetings will continue as usual–we’ll just provide the Zoom Access for you and your group members to continue your meetings at their regular dates and times. We also will have our settings set to the strongest privacy option; meaning your anonymity is guaranteed to be protected. One member will be required to be a zoom user for your group, so decide who that should be! We will provide detailed instructions on starting your Zoom Meeting. Email us at for more information..

My Group signed up to be added. When will I see our information on the website?

  • We will be adding all groups to the remote meeting page as soon as possible. If your group meets this coming Monday–we will make you a priority.

How can I sign my group / meetings up to the NYIG Sponsored Zoom Account?