Thursday: 7:30 PM


844 8548 8366
How do I use the ID to access this meeting? See below.

Meeting ID: 342268858

Speaker qualifies for 15 to 20 mins. Show of hands starting with people 0 to 30 days, 31 to 60 days, 61 days to 90 days. After people under 90 days share the meeting is open to all. Meeting ends at 8:30pm

We will get through this time together and be that much stronger for it!


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How do I attend a meeting using a Meeting ID?

You can join a meeting directly from the Zoom App (Zoom client on a computer):
using a Meeting ID.

1. Open the Zoom App, and click Join (green arrow).
Screenshot of where to join meeting

2. On the next screen enter the Zoom meeting ID (green arrow) & click Join.
Screenshot of where to enter meeting ID
* If a meeting passcode is required, enter it on the next screen.