What is New York Inter-Group?

Intergroup bylaws

The Inter-Group Association of Alcoholics Anonymous of New York, Inc., fondly referred to as “New York Inter-Group” (NYIG), was formed in 1946 by New York area A.A. groups to help fulfill their primary purpose — carrying the A.A. message to still-suffering alcoholics.  NYIG has often been, and still is, the first A.A. contact point for people who think they may have a problem with alcohol.

NYIG operates in accordance with its By-Laws, which are guidelines required by the laws of the State of New York for incorporated not-for-profit organizations.  The By-Laws detail NYIG’s objectives:

(a) To make the A.A. recovery program accessible to those requesting help for a problem with alcohol.

(b) To maintain a central business office as a clearing house for A.A. activities in the Greater New York Area.

(c) To complement and cooperate with the General Service Organization in fostering

the A.A. program at the local group level in the Greater New York Area.

(d) To function as the communications center for the member groups in matters of local area policy and interest.

(e) To conduct special events in accordance with and in the furtherance of these objectives.

NYIG is comprised of A.A. member groups and the individual members of those groups.  Groups make certain commitments when they join NYIG, such as designating a Delegate and an Alternate Delegate, who serve as liaisons between groups and NYIG.  Delegates are responsible for (1) attending and voting at various NYIG meetings, (2) communicating to their group the activities, issues and problems of NYIG, and (3) recruiting volunteers from their group for Twelfth-Step work at NYIG.  Information regarding volunteering at NYIG can be found at the “Get Involved” page at www.nyintergroup.org, or by calling (212) 647-1680.