What is the Steering Committee?

A Steering Committee oversees the responsibilities and functions of NYIG, and is made up of fourteen members: four Officers, four Committee Chairpersons, and six Area Representatives. Steering Committee members attend the quarterly Delegates Meeting as well as monthly Steering Committee meetings where they report on their respective responsibilities and committee activities. Area Representatives represent each of the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester.

Area Representatives

There are six Area Representatives each elected at its respective Area Forum (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester). The Area Representative host their respective Area Forum held bimonthly to discuss and propose ideas for the welfare of NYIG and discover any suggestions, questions, problems etc. groups may have and thereafter report such matters at both Quarterly Delegates and monthly Steering Committee meetings.

Service Committee Representatives

There are four permanent Service Committees: Group Relations, Volunteer, Public Information, and the Corrections & Treatment Facilities; each committee has a Representative that serves as Chairperson of the Committee and sits on the Steering Committee.

To get involved with one of these committees please visit the Get Involved page.

Group Relations

Responsible for keeping meeting and group information current.


Oversees volunteers that provide the underpinning to the Twelfth Step Service of NYIG, in particular phone volunteers.

Public Information

Manages Public Information Volunteers and assigns presentation requests to them; conducts Public Information Volunteer Training sessions to prepare volunteers for this service.

Corrections & Treatment Facilities

Oversees and arranges for A.A. group adoption of facilities meetings and assures A.A. meetings are brought into those facilities; oversees literature packing and distribution, annual literature fundraiser dinner and literature fund account.

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for oversight of the maintenance and continual development of the Inter-Group Association of Alcoholics Anonymous of New York website (nyintergroup.org), in accordance with IGAANY’s objectives.



Presides at all Delegates and Steering Committee meetings and performs such duties as may be incidental to the office of Chairperson or as may be directed by the Steering Committee or the Delegates. The Chairperson casts a vote at Steering Committee meetings only in the event of a tie.

Alternate Chairperson

Assumes the responsibilities of the Chairperson in the Chairperson’s absence and fulfills any other assigned committee duties as required by the Chairperson, the Steering Committee or the Delegates.


Is responsible for the finances of the Association, overseeing investments and deposits; reports at all Delegates and Steering Committee meetings on finance matters, and chairs the Finance Committee.


Provides notice of all Delegates and Steering Committee meetings and keeps thorough and complete minutes of such meetings; is responsible for the correspondence of the Steering Committee.


There are currently three Subcommittees in service of the Steering Committee, the Finance, Website, and Archive Committees. These committees’ missions are to help the Steering Committee successfully accomplish specific Twelfth Step objectives by focusing on particular tasks on behalf of the Steering Committee as it acts in furtherance of a objective set by the member Groups. Each committee has a Chairperson that acts as liaison between the committee and the Steering Committee To Get involved with one of these Subcommittees please visit the Get Involved page.

Finance Committee

This is a non-voting advisory group to the Steering Committee whose members have prior professional financial experience.

Website Committee

This is a non-voting advisory group to the Steering Committee tasked with revamping the NY Inter-Group Website.

Archive Committee

This is a non-voting advisory group to the Steering Committee tasked with undertaking the preservation of NYIG Historical documents and materials.