Official NYIG Zoom Accounts FAQ


Zoom ScreenshotNow Offering Zoom Enterprise Accounts to Groups

Accounts are capable of supporting up to 500 & 1000 participants per meeting with default settings for security and anonymity. Groups continue to run their own meetings, at their regular dates and times, with their usual group format. We will simply provide the technology!

This is an initiative we feel is imperative to provide our fellowship with during this difficult time.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that NYIG will provide my Zoom account?

We will not be involved in your group’s meeting(s) in any way, other than to provide the technology, supported by our own contributions. Your meetings will continue as usual–we’ll just provide the Zoom Access for you and your group members to continue your meetings at their regular dates and times. We also will have our settings set to default to the proper privacy options; meaning your anonymity is protected.

How do I get my group an Zoom account provided by NYIG?

Simply fill out this form. It is suggested to use a group email address instead of a personal email address.
Before applying, please be aware that:

  • New signups are limited to groups in the 5 boroughs of New York City, and Westchester County
  • Accounts not activated within 7 days of creation will be cancelled, and groups must apply again.
  • Accounts inactive for more than 30 days will have their account type changed from Enterprise to Basic
  • We can only offer one account per meeting/group.

Our group already set up a Zoom account. How can we switch over?

If your group has already launched a free, (or paid) Zoom account, you can switch to our account which is supported by all of our contributions. Simply submit the email of your current group’s account and we’ll send you an invitation to make the switch. You’ll be offered a prorated refund on previous Licensed accounts to your original method of payment or you may refund to NYIG to help defray the cost of providing this service. The switch is seamless with zero downtime but can take up to 24 hours for the transition and additional capacity to start.

Do Zoom meetings or meetings on NYIG’s Zoom account require passwords?

– Zoom enacted a new policy on 4/5 requiring Basic and Pro accounts to use passwords for all meetings.
– NYIG Enterprise account is exempt and we still DO NOT require passwords, they are optional.
– Many groups listed on our website have added passwords to minimize the chances of meeting disruptions.
– We have begun the process of collecting group email addresses to be listed for newcomers and visitors to contact for access request.
– This process will take time and cooperation from our individual groups, please bear with us. We appreciate the urgency!

Will each chairperson have an account?

It’s currently suggested to share the account credentials between chairpeople. Once logged in, the chair, the Host, may designate other users as Co-hosts to assist in running the meeting. They will have the same controls as the Host so they may help shoulder the responsibilities of running the meeting.

Can we keep our current Meeting ID if we switch over to the NYIG Zoom account?

Any Zoom account that is upgraded to the NYIG account will keep its Meeting ID(s) as long as you submit the same email address.

I’m currently hosting my group’s meeting on my work account. Can I get a NYIG account and transfer the Meeting ID over?

It is not possible to transfer Meeting IDs from one Enterprise account to another.

I’m simply a member. How can I access these groups / meetings?

Zoom uses an application that automatically downloads on your computer and is available free in the App Store for iOS Google Play Store. All groups’ Meeting IDs are listed on the Remote Meeting page. Simply click on the Zoom link, or dial in by telephone, for the meeting you’d like to join. 

How can I sign my group / meetings up for an Official NYIG Zoom Account?

Just click here and fill out this form. If you are looking to upgrade an existing account, be sure to use the same email address when signing up. We’ll send an invitation to create an account or switch your account to our License.

Do we need to do anything else once our group’s account is setup?

Spread the word! It is suggested to use the Personal Meeting ID listed on the Profile Page of your group’s account for all meetings. Add your groups PMI and Link to the Remote Meeting Listings. Each group’s listing can include 7th tradition details, format, photo of the usual location, and any other information. It’s listed immediately once posted.

I made a mistake while entering my group’s listing. How do I fix it?

Contact our Help Desk so and we will make a manual correction.

Do we need to schedule meetings at

You do not! It’s suggested to simply sign in before each meeting and at the end of the meeting “End Meeting for All Users.” 

Do we have to close right on the hour?

No! Many groups keep their meeting open for fellowship after the meeting.

I have another question!

Contact our Help Desk if you have an issue that you still can’t resolve.