NYIG ZOOM Room: Account Setup Guide


NYIG ZOOM Rooms: Account Setup Guide

  1. Fill out this form [opens in new tab].

  2. In a couple of days, you will receive an Email like this:

  3. Click Approve the Request and you will be taken to a Web site asking you to accept the invitation.


4.  Click Next: Check billing information and you will be taken to a Web site, where you can decide what should be done with the balance currently remaining in your account, if there is one.


5. Select the box next to “I agree to join the new account” and click Finish. You will be taken to this Web page

6. Click Go to My Profile Page and your Account Profile should now look like this: 

Your account is now associated with the NY Intergroup account. You can create your own meetings and run them as the host through this account.

You will not be charged for this account, as it is being paid for by NY Intergroup.

If you decide that you would rather leave the NY Intergroup Account and return to your own account, click “Unassociate and create your own account” in your Account Profile.