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This page is being updated frequently. Please check back often for more information and answers to your questions. Contact our Help Desk if you have an issue that you still can’t resolve.


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>View the Account Setup Guide

How to Use Zoom

Cómo usar Zoom

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“Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” 

We have strived to establish default settings that balance anonymity requirements with options for connection. Some key points that you as the user controls:

  • How your name is displayed. Assume whatever name you’ve entered anywhere on Zoom can be seen by everyone.
  • Whether your video is displayed or not
  • Whether your microphone is muted or not



You will be able to donate to both NYIG & your Group. On your Group’s profile, there will soon be a place for the group to place their 7th Tradition information; PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc. 

There will also be a link to contribute to New York Inter-Group. Please consider refunding your paid Group zoom account to NYIG to help defray the cost of the monthly Enterprise license.



Zoom has a wealth of support videos and resources. AA members are encouraged to explore https://support.zoom.us if there are specific topics that you need answers on. Be aware, there may be references to features that may not be available for use for various reasons. Recording features are globally disabled and will not be accessible. If a feature has been disabled that you feel you need access to, let NYIG know and how you plan to use it. Contact our Help Desk if you have an issue that you still can’t resolve. 



PDF Instructions Courtesy AASENY.org

How to Use Zoom

Cómo usar Zoom


Customizing your Profile

Change a User’s Password

How Do I Change the Email on My Account?


There are no dues or fees to participate in a meeting.

Participate by computer or mobile device

It helps if you’ve already downloaded and installed the app but typically when you visit a meeting link, it will give you the option to do so at that time. You should only need to do this once. Once installed, use provided links to automatically open the application or open Zoom manually and enter the provided Meeting ID

Participate by phone

You may participate in the meeting with nothing more than a standard telephone.  Enter the Meeting ID when prompted. Enter # for participant ID if you’re not using the phone for audio to accompany your computer. The local New York number is (929) 436-2866. You may find alternate numbers listed on the Zoom Website. To mute and unmute during a meeting, dial *6. To raise and lower your virtual hand, dial *9.

Contact our Help Desk if you have an issue that you still can’t resolve.

Highlighted Videos

Joining & Participating in a Meeting

Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Additional Information & Videos

Getting Started


Hosts (Chairs) are suggested to use regular computers or laptops for easier access to the necessary features. You use the same software to run a meeting as you do to attend a meeting. 

We encourage groups to have chairs explore the hosting experience prior to hosting for the first time. They may invite a few users to join in or simply join the meeting on multiple devices, remember you only login as the host on one device while doing this as the controls change between host and participants.

Concentrate on how to use the “Manage Participants” window. This is how you will keep order in the meeting. Topics to learn are: 

  • Muting and Unmuting for Single Users & All Users
  • The Virtual Handraise
  • Yes / No

Once you are done hosting be sure to “End Meeting for All.”  

Be sure to logout once you’re done chairing to avoid attending other meetings under your group’s account.

Contact our Help Desk if you have an issue that you still can’t resolve.

Selected Videos Information & Video

Getting Started

How Do I Host A Video Meeting?

Personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link

Meeting and Webinar Passwords

Host and Co-Host Controls in a Meeting

In-Meeting Chat

Hot Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Optional Accessibility Features

Getting started with closed captioning

Language interpretation in meetings and webinars



>View the Account Setup Guide

I’m switching from my own account to NYIG’s account, I’ve accepted the invitation, but it still says I’m a Basic user.

  • Zoom takes about 24 hours to make the transition on their servers.Please be patient, we are unable to speed this up. Your meeting ID from your existing account, however will stay the same.

I received an invitation to the wrong email address, what do I do?

  • Contact our Help Desk. We need to know the previous incorrect email and the email we should use for the account.

We do not have an existing account and out group interested in getting on the NYIG Zoom Account.

  1. Fill out this form. Use the email address that you would like the group to log in with.
  2. We will send an invitation to create an account using the provided email.
  3. Customizing your Profile
  4. Visit here to enter your groups meeting details. 
  5. Contact our Help Desk if you have issues or need to make corrections. 

We’ve already paid for an account but would like to switch to NYIG’s Account

  1. Sign up with the same email address that your group logs in with currently.
  2. We will send you an invitation to join.
  3. Click the Accept link and follow the instructions.
  4. You should be given the option for refund, either to your form of payment or to NYIG to help defray the cost of the monthly Enterprise License that we have purchased. 
  5. Your Meeting ID should remain the same.
  6. The upgrade takes some time on the back end. Please hold tight, you can continue to use your account as you had previously.
  7. Confirm that you’re listed correctly on the remote meeting list. Add a listing if you need to.
  8. Contact our Help Desk if you have issues or need to make corrections.