Zoom Free Account Setup Guide for Members

NY Intergroup – Zoom Free Account Setup Guide

This guide is for members to utilize to create their free Zoom account which they’re need to access some Zoom meetings. This is not to be used to establish a NYIG Group account. That can be done here.

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1. Click here to launch the Zoom homepage or just navigate to “Zoom.us” in your web browse

    • From the Zoom homepage click the “Sign up it’s free” button in the upper right as indicated in step 2 of the screenshot below

2. On the page that loads, input the email address you would like to use to create your Zoom account and then click “Sign Up” as indicated in steps 1 &2 in the screenshot below. (Note that you may also use Google or Facebook to create your account but email signup gives you more control over your data)

3. The page will refresh and inform you that confirmation link has been sent to the email you provided Zoom in step 2. You must now open that email account and check for the verification email from Zoom. This step ensures you have proper access to the email you provided.

4. Below is a sample of the confirmation email in a Gmail account, yours may look slightly different. If you don’t receive it – be sure to check your spam or junk email folder! Once received, click the “Activate Account” button as indicated in the screenshot below.

5. This will load the account creation page asking you for first and last name, and a password. Note that you only need to supply a last initial if you wish to protect your anonymity. Also use a password that is secure but that you can remember for signing in to Zoom.

6. Zoom will next ask you to invite colleagues to join you on Zoom. You may simply skip this step as it is not required.

7. On the page that loads, select “Go to My Account” as indicated in the below screenshot. Your account is now created but as a final step we can add a profile image.

8. Your Zoom Profile page will load. Note the blank profile image. If desired you could load a piece of art here or a picture of yourself for others to view when you are not displaying video in meetings. This is completely your personal choice. To update the image click “Change” as indicated below.

9. Select Upload as indicated below and choose any image you wish and you’re all set. Again this is not required however many of you have asked about this.

10. You are now ready to start joining Zoom meetings! If you have meeting ID’s from your fellows or chair people, you may use those links and login with the email and password you created while following these steps to join the meetings.

Thank you Dave M for putting this guide together.