Zoom Account Requirement

“…progress not perfection.”

With rapid growth comes growing pains. This endeavor is no different. Many of you reached out to us with concerns about jarring disruptions in meetings. We’ve seen them too and we’re working on solutions to reduce these instances. In addition to work augmenting our Managing Meeting Participants document, we’re tightening the screws on our account.

Some meetings now require that users have a free zoom.us account to attend meetings per recommendations directly from Zoom.

How does this fix anything?

What is a small, one-time step for members is a step that a prankster will need to take every time they get removed from a meeting to enter a new meeting.

I’m simply a member, what does that mean to me?

Not to worry, if you haven’t already, visit https://zoom.us/signup/ and create a free zoom account. You’ll be sent an activation email to verify your email. Click here for our Zoom Free Account Setup Guide for Members.

I call on my telephone. Does this affect me?

No, you’ll continue to attend as you have in the past.

What will I see if I try to login and I’m not signed in?

“This meeting is for authorized users only. Click ‘Sign In’ to sign into Zoom with an email address authorized for joining this meeting.” You’ll have the option to “Cancel” or “Sign In”

I’m a group chairperson, this sounds like a lot of work for us. Do we need to make a list of the people who will join our meetings?

Absolutely not! It simply checks that you’re a user registered and logged in with Zoom.

I still need some assistance with this

Not to fear, reach out through our new Help Desk and someone will help. We’ll have a guide on creating an account published soon. In the meantime, you can connect to Zoom meetings by calling in on your telephone. In the NYC area, call +929 205 6099 and enter your Zoom Meeting ID. Additional local numbers can be looked up here.